Baby Must Have!

by Annelize Van Dyk

It's Easy If You Do It Smart

These items are the best Newborn Essential List 2021 or best Baby Checklist. They have been rated as “deal breakers” or even “life saving”.

1) Plonkey Donkey: Not only will you have your hands free to use your phone or have a cup of tea, but you Newborn will be able to sit upright, fully supported! This was my personal life saver. Price R599

2) Co-sleeper: The one product I just dreamt of having and still to this day I tell my clients if I had a co-sleeper, I would have had more babies. 😂 p.s. to feed every 3 hours right through the night, was excruciating.

3) Battery operated swing: I measured, as a true business person should, the amount of extra “free” time I got when using different baby equipment. The swing gave me 45 minutes minimum, therefore this was a deal breaker. Take note, this is a short-term product and should be rented. We rent swings out for R599 for a full 3 months.

4) Front carriers: Although very short term, buy them dirt cheap second hand and enjoy. This is the only way I could get any cooking done, etc. Our prices are on average R250.

5) Bath trolley or bath changing station: Did you know that you will be bathing baby in the morning when nobody is home to help you carry a heavy bath with water? I also never knew that I would prefer to bath my baby in a room with a heater. Baths on wheels are the answer. You can rent from us a bath/bassinet hospital trolley on wheels from R650 for a full 3 months. Again, it is a very short term need.

Keep your eyes on Newborn Essential List 2021 – Baby Checklist, we will keep it updated and fresh!

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