10 Activities to keep your toddler Busy

by Annelize Van Dyk

Mum, I’m bored”… That’s what many mums are hearing around the world right now! Whether you are stuck at home on a rainy day, or it is a school holiday , this list of things to do with the kids at home will give you some fun indoor kids activity ideas.

You will find some indoor activities for kids including games, arts & crafts, and other creative activity

 Here are some activities for kids that you can do at home.

1. Read books together

Read books from your home library, see our list of the BEST BOOK SETS FOR KIDS, or check out these FREE ONLINE BOOKS FOR KIDS which have audio. These are great for if you are working from home, cooking, or busy in general, because even if kids can’t read, they can listen to the story online for free. Some local libraries deliver too so make sure to ask if you can’t get there.

For kids who don’t particularly like reading books, print off these would you rather questions which may motivate them.

2. Cook or Bake something

Cooking or baking together is a fun indoor activity for kids no matter what age. A weekly cook up also makes a great tradition for families too. Kids can help stir, use cookie cutters, and of course taste tests. If you choose an easy recipe you can get older kids to do most of the work while you supervise. THIS SITE has a great range of kid friendly recipes and things you can do at home with kids.

3. Play board games

Board games are always a fun thing to do at home with kids depending on their ages and there are plenty to choose from. Check out our list of educational BOARD GAMES FOR KIDS  that start from 3 years and up. Some are great to do at home, and some the kids can play independently.


4. Online Art Lessons

Kids love to draw pictures or colour in and it makes a good fun activity for the kids. Make sure you always have a couple of colouring books at home, as well as some plain printer paper and your set. If you have older kids, try some online drawing lessons from the Art for Kids Hub. Check their channel below, there are tons of different pictures to draw. They are super fun and easy for kids to follow. Find here some other fun Youtube channels for learning.

5. Make a magic potion or do a science experiment

This is a great indoor activity for kids to do at home but also a fun summer kids activity too. Grab a few bowls of ingredients such as water, milk, food die, baking soda, essential oils etc. Give them spoons and let them make up their own little potions. You can also do this with things such as flour, dry lentils and beans, pasta etc. Great kids activity to do at home. For older ones why not try out some of our SIMPLE SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS.

6. Dance or Exercise

When you have been cooped up indoors all day, kids need something to wear them out. Check out our post: EXERCISES FOR KIDS AT HOME for some fun ideas to get active.

Dancing around to music is one of the best indoor activity for kids to do at home and get them moving. Pop on your favourit songs or playlist and get them dancing and jumping around for a while.

For little ones, you may also want to sing along to some nursery rhymes, check our list of the most popular NURSERY RHYMES FOR KIDS.

7. Arts and Crafts out of recycled home materials

Everyone has a few cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls around the house. Don’t throw them in the recycle bin, keep them to use for arts and crafts. Make a rocket out of toilet paper rolls, make a dinosaur or a robot out of a cereal box. Paint, draw, paste. It is such a great way for kids to get creative and a fun indoor activity for kids to do at home.

 8. Have an indoor picnic

Such a fun thing to do at home with kids. Set up a picnic mat in the lounge room and make a picnic like you would if you were outside at the park. Get some cushions, and decorate, the kids will love it. You can prepare the food if you have little ones, but a great activity for kids to do is preparing the platter themselves, letting them get creative.

9. Make some origami

Another creative indoor activity for kids is making origami. This paper folding art has been around for centuries and there are plenty of online resources where you can find instructions for kids to get creative. We have rounded up some fantastic video tutorials perfect for beginners, check out our post EASY ORIGAMI FOR KIDS

10. Do some online learning

If you want to get the kids caught up with some academic work, there are some great sites with online learning activities. Check out this list of ONLINE LEARNING WEBSITES for kids. You can also print out some activities online.

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