Rent Bebe Confort CreatisFix Non-Isofix Base

 R210,00 - R750,00 Per Period

Please note that the following discounts apply:

Days 3 - 7: R30 per day
Days 8 – 14: R25 per day
Days 15 – 21: R25 per day
Days 22 – 30: R25 per day
3 Months: R499 for the full period

Day based pricing : Rent Bebe Confort CreatisFix Non-Isofix Base
3 - 7 days : R210,00 Fixed
8 - 14 days : R350,00 Fixed
15 - 21 days : R525,00 Fixed
22 - 30 days : R750,00 Fixed
31 - 90 days : R499,00 Fixed
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Rent Bebe Confort CreatisFix Non-Isofix Base

Any base whether Isofix or non-Isofix makes the installation of an infant seat pure pleasure.  Without a base, the installation can only be done with the car’s safety belts. This is not easy and takes quite a few minutes…….

Features of the base:

  • Compatible with a Creatis infant seat.
  • Only use in the front seat if there is no active airbag.
  • Use with 3 point seat belts

Safe and easy installation every time

Because you’ll be moving the infant carrier in and out of the car many times, especially in the first months, we’ve made installation and removal easy with a belted base. The base remains in your car, securely fixed with the car’s 3-point seat belt, and the infant carrier simply clicks on and off the base as you need it. This option is handy if you will be transferring the car seat to different cars which may not all have ISOFIX anchorage points.

Rental options:

Rent the Creatisfix Base for 5 months if you are a new mom – they are not used for longer and buying is not a good option.

Visitors to Cape Town and surrounds may rent these bases on a weekly basis.

Additional information

Weight 16,59 kg
Dimensions 46 × 37 × 39 cm
Lease Period

3 - 7 Days, 8 - 14 Days, 15 - 21 Days, 22 - 30 Days, 5 Months