Rent Economy Camp Cots / Travel Cots ( Standard Size)

 R350,00 - R750,00 Per Period

Please note the following discounts apply:
Days 3 - 7: R50 per day

Days 8 – 14: R35 per day

Days 15 – 21: R30 per day

Days 22 – 30: R25 per day

Scroll down for more info regarding camp cots.

Does NOT include mattress & fitted sheet. Please add this option by the booking form below.

Colour is subject to availability.

Dear client, please note that cot bumpers are only to be used for children above 6 months of age.

Day based pricing : Rent Economy Camp Cots / Travel Cots ( Standard Size)
3 - 7 days : R350,00 Fixed
8 - 14 days : R490,00 Fixed
15 - 21 days : R630,00 Fixed
22 - 30 days : R750,00 Fixed
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Rent Economy Camp Cots / Travel Cots ( Standard Size)

Rent a basic camp cot or travel cot from us. It folds up fairly small and is easy to handle.

*We do not include a bassinet but you can request it specifically via email. A bassinet is a top-level or mattress/base that is only suitable for a baby 6 months and younger.

You may rent a mattress and fitted sheet at an extra charge of R100. All of our mattresses are breathable.

You can also rent bedding (a full set) from us for an additional R200.

We also stock luxury camp cots and linen.

Is your little one too big for a standard camp cot? No worries! Rent our extra length camp cots from us.

Camp Cots/Travel Cots & Everything You Should Know About Them

Whether you’re about to board a 14-hour flight halfway across the world, stay late for dinner at a friend’s house or embark on a six-hour train journey, travelling with children can be a hassle. One way to relieve the stress is to invest in a high-quality travel cot. It may mean packing more kit into the car or forking out for a little extra baggage on your flight, but it could be the key to enjoying a relaxing break away from home.

Before you rent or purchase a cot, you should think about when and where it is going to be used. As Mamas & Papas spokesperson suggests: “Think about why you’re buying OR renting your travel cot. Is it a portable bed for trips and holidays or a more permanent fixture for a toddler at a relative’s house? If it’s for holidays, then you’ll want something light, compact and easy to transport.

“If you’re planning to use it for sleepovers then think about additional features such as new-born bassinet inserts, which raise the mattress height, meaning you don’t need to bend down low to pick up the baby.”

It’s worth noting that for newborns, you can often use a detachable pram bassinet which doubles up as a cot or bed on the go.


The first thing on your mind when purchasing or renting a travel cot should be safety.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) recommends choosing a cot, travel or otherwise, that is at least 49.5cm deep to prevent the baby from climbing out.

While travel cots generally won’t be as sturdy as normal cots you should still ensure the cot you decide on won’t topple over if your baby gets a little too active when playing inside.

More and more travel cots come with wheels to make them easier to transport, but always check that when stationary the wheels can lock into place to prevent accidental movement.


While a travel cot’s primary function will be to provide your baby with somewhere to sleep when on trips, many cots come with extra features that could serve to make your life simpler while travelling.

Carry bag

You’ll already have enough to lug around with you when embarking on a trip so make things that little bit easier for yourself by choosing a travel cot that is light enough to fit inside an easy to use carry bag.


Adjust the height of your baby while in the cot with a bassinet that fits across the top of the travel cot when in use. The use of a bassinet makes it easier to keep an eye on your child and get also be handy for parents who suffer from back pain.


You may want to check the mattress for relative softness or firmness as well as thickness to ensure comfortable sleep for your baby or child. Some travel cots come with a mattress attached but still collapse neatly into a travel bag. It might be useful to look into whether it’s replaceable in case you ever want to replace the original. As always, make sure to check safety guidelines and to read all travel cot reviews thoroughly. You will need to choose between sprung, pocket sprung, foam or natural fibres (or a mix).

Mesh windows

Mesh windows allow you to keep an eye on your baby throughout the night without having to get out of your own bed, and also provide ventilation which can be particularly handy for trips to warm countries.

(This information is courtesy of The Telegraph.)

Dear client, please note that cot bumpers are only to be used for children above 6 months of age.

Additional information

Weight 4,1 kg
Dimensions 71 × 11 × 21 cm
Lease Period

3 - 7 Days, 8 - 14 Days, 15 - 21 Days, 22 - 30 Days


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