Rent Plastic Playpen

 R350,00 - R899,00 Per Period

Please note that the following discounts apply:
Day 3 - 7: R50 per day

Days 8 - 14: R36 per day

Days 15 - 21: R31 per day

Days 22 - 30: R26 per day
3 Months: R899 for the full period

Scroll down for the benefits of playpens.

Plastic play pens size:

228cm x 228cm (can be adjusted to whichever smaller size as each panel is 38cm)


Day based pricing : Rent Plastic Playpen
3 - 7 days : R350,00 Fixed
8 - 14 days : R504,00 Fixed
15 - 21 days : R651,00 Fixed
22 - 30 days : R899,00 Fixed
90 - 90 days : R899,00 Fixed
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Rent Plastic Playpen

Measurements of this playpen: 3 plastic sides are 114cm in width. Total plastic sides combined give you 228cm x 228cm.

*If you would like to rent this playpen monthly, please contact us via email at

Playpens provide a convenient security zone for your baby – helping you to nip out of the room safe in the knowledge that your little one won’t get up to mischief or in harm’s way.

Some babies like the feeling of the playpen being ‘their’ place to play, nap or simply watch your activities.

Not all babies take well to being hemmed in, though – so you could find you’ve spent your money on a pricey, space-occupying storage box into which you keep all manner of baby-related items, but not your baby.

If you decide to buy a playpen, do it before your baby is moving around so you can get him or her familiar with it – there will a better chance of it being a hit rather than a flop later on. For the same reason, if you have space, go for a pen with a reasonably large floor area.

When you’re baby-proofing your home, you may want to consider baby play yards to keep your baby safe while he plays. Maybe you need to hurry into the kitchen and take something out of the oven. Maybe you have multiple children and you have to put down the baby to feed or change the toddler. If you have a play yard, you can leave the room for those few minutes and rest assured that your baby will be safe and entertained while you are in the other room. If you’re thinking of purchasing a play yard, consider the following benefits to help you make your decision.

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Benefits of Playpens:

  1. Safe play: As much as you would love to give your baby constant attention, it’s nearly impossible to do so. You do want to make sure your baby is safe while you work around the house. When you put your baby in a playpen, you know he’ll be safe at play, even if you have to leave the room for a minute or two. Baby play yards are soft, comfortable and safe for your baby, so you don’t have to worry.
  2. Early learning: Most play yards come equipped with fun, educational toys and features for your baby. The earlier your baby begins to play and learn, the better. Even if you purchase a basic play yard without added toys and features, playing in a play yard can still be educational for your baby. You can give him plenty of toys to play with, and the simple act of playing by himself can help him develop motor skills and association skills more quickly.
  3. Staying close: A play yard can help you keep your baby within sight and earshot while you’re doing the laundry, cooking, or paying the bills. He’ll be happily playing, and you can be close enough to see or hear when he needs you. Having babies within sight greatly reduces the risk and occurrences of accidents, injuries and even SIDs. With your baby in a playpen close by, you’ll be able to reach him before any injury or accident becomes serious.
  4. Portability: Playards are lightweight and usually fold up for easy portability. This makes it easier for you to keep your baby close at all times. Playards even make traveling easier. Fold it up and stow it away on road trips or flights. It’ll be easy to pull right back out and set up when you need it.
  5. Double-time: While your baby’s crib is the safest place for him to sleep, when you’re traveling, visiting relatives or just want to keep your little one close while he naps, play yards are great substitutes for a crib when you need one. Playard pads are thin and firm to avoid suffocation risks and will be adequate for your baby to sleep on occasion. Many parents choose to buy an additional play yard mattress. These mattresses should also be firm, and you should never attempt to pad a play yard with loose or soft blankets or pads. (This information is courtesy of

Additional information

Weight 32,06 kg
Dimensions 90 × 57 × 25 cm
Lease Period

3 - 7 Days, 8 - 14 Days, 15 - 21 Days, 22 - 30 Days, 3 Months


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