Rent Child Hiking Carriers

Rent Child Hiking Carriers


Refundable Security Deposit: 

Please note that the following discounts apply:
Days 3 - 7: R70 per day

Days 8 - 14: R60 per day

Days 15 - 21: R50 per day

Days 22 - 30: R40 per day

Colour and brand is subject to availability. 

Rent baby backpack for your field trip or next holiday. Luxury backpacks with padded straps, sunshade – occasional and nice to have, therefore rent and don’t buy.

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How to Rent From Us:

  1. Choose your lease period: weekly or monthly options available.
  2. For weekly rentals: specify the number of days (up to 30 days). For longer durations, contact us directly.
  3. For monthly rentals: indicate the number of months (up to 3 months). For extended periods, contact us directly.
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Rent Child Hiking Carriers

Are you planning a visit to Cape Town and its surrounding areas? Consider renting baby hiking carriers from us, featuring renowned brands like Deuter. Please note that color is subject to availability. 

If you desire a specific model, kindly contact us via email to make arrangements.

Our hiking carriers are luxury items equipped with padded straps, robust support, and adjustability. They come with sunshades, ideal for protecting your little one from the South African sun.

Besides hiking carriers, we offer a range of luxury items and we have camp cotshigh chairs, and car seats.

Parents often find carrying their little ones a challenging task. Opting for a backpack carrier can significantly ease the burden, especially during long-haul hikes or on tricky terrains where strollers are impractical.

Choosing a hiking carrier has advantages for both parents and kids. They free up your arms, distribute weight effectively, and are particularly valuable when front carriers are no longer suitable.

When backpacking with a baby, it is crucial to invest in a quality carrier, like those from Deuter.

Deuter hiking carrier:

  • Aircomfort back system
  • Energy-efficient carrying with flexible, moveable VariFlex ECL hip fins
  • VariSlide back length with wide-ranging adjustment so both parents can comfortably carry the child
  • The hip belt is easy to adjust even with heavy loads via the Pull-Forward system construction
  • Height-adjustable child's seat with varying cushion width for a healthy seating position
  • The sturdy aluminum frame with a broad kickstand is tip-resistant – very helpful when loading the child
  • Weight capacity is 22kg.

Rent our baby backpacks for a convenient and short-term solution during your holiday in Cape Town.

For an adventurous experience, follow our tips for backpacking with a baby, including choosing easy hiking trails, dressing your baby appropriately, and ensuring you can nurse or feed the baby when needed.

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Backpacks are used for the odd field trip with the family or adventurous weekend away with mom and dad. It is such a short-term and convenient product, that renting it makes so much sense.

Tips for Backpacking with a Baby:

1) Invest in a good quality baby backpack such as K-Way or Deuter

2)  Bring a partner and a few vital baby supplies

3) Choose easy hiking trails for your first time with baby

4) Dress baby appropriately with sunscreen if it’s a hot day or a warm jacket and beanie on a cold winters day

5) Make sure you are able to nurse on the hiking trail or feed the baby when necessary

Benefits of a Hiking Carrier:

Hiking with a baby carrier offers numerous benefits for both parents and babies.

Here are some advantages:

  1. Parental Mobility: Baby carriers allow parents to maintain mobility and explore outdoor activities, including hiking, without the constraints of a stroller. This is especially beneficial on uneven terrains or trails where strollers may be impractical.
  2. Bonding and Closeness: Carrying your baby in a carrier promotes a strong sense of closeness and bonding between parent and child. The physical contact and proximity provide comfort and reassurance to the baby, fostering emotional well-being.
  3. Hands-Free Convenience: A baby carrier frees up your hands, allowing you to engage in activities, take photos, or simply enjoy the surroundings without the need to constantly attend to a stroller.
  4. Weight Distribution: Quality baby carriers are designed to distribute the baby's weight evenly across the parent's body, reducing the strain on specific muscles and preventing discomfort during longer hikes.
  5. Adaptability to Terrain: Baby carriers are suitable for various terrains, including rugged trails and uneven surfaces, where strollers may be challenging to navigate. This versatility enables parents to explore a wider range of outdoor environments.
  6. Early Exposure to Nature: Hiking exposes babies to the natural environment from an early age, promoting an appreciation for nature and potentially fostering a lifelong love for outdoor activities.
  7. Napping On-the-Go: Many baby carriers provide a comfortable and secure space for babies to nap while on the move. This can be particularly convenient during longer hikes or when the baby needs a rest.
  8. Parental Fitness: Hiking with a baby adds a physical component to the activity, contributing to parental fitness. The added weight of the baby can enhance the workout for the parent, turning a hike into a more comprehensive exercise.
  9. Easy Interaction: Having the baby at a height that allows easy interaction with the parent facilitates communication and connection. Parents can talk to and engage with the baby, making the hiking experience enjoyable for both.
  10. Exploration of Family-Friendly Trails: With a baby carrier, families can explore trails that may not be accessible with a stroller, ensuring that the entire family can enjoy outdoor adventures together.

Remember to choose a baby carrier that suits your specific needs, taking into consideration factors such as comfort, safety features, and the age and weight of your baby.

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Weight16,27 kg
Dimensions70 × 30 × 31 cm
Lease Period

3 - 7 Days, 8 - 14 Days, 15 - 21 Days, 22 - 30 Days