Rent Activity Toy Play Mats

 R210,00 - R450,00 Per Period

Please note that the following discounts apply:

Day 3 - 7: R30 per day

Days 8 – 14: R25 per day

Days 15 – 21: R20 per day

Days 22 – 30: R15 per day
3 Months: R299 for the full period

Entertain your baby while you develop his motor and sensory skills with this handy activity toy play mat, easy to fold up.

Scroll down to see the top three benefits of a baby play mat.

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Day based pricing : Rent Activity Toy Play Mats
3 - 7 days : R210,00 Fixed
8 - 14 days : R350,00 Fixed
15 - 21 days : R420,00 Fixed
22 - 30 days : R450,00 Fixed
90 - 90 days : R299,00 Fixed
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Rent Activity Toy Play Mats

Rent Activity Toy Play Mats for your next holiday or if you are a new mom, rent it for 3 months. Entertaining your baby is an essential part of being a parent, but you also need to improve the sensory skills and help your child develop. With smaller and cheaper toys, this can still be achieved, but it will take you longer as boredom might set in quickly with these toys.

The best baby play mat and activity gym has been designed for you to save time and also allow your child to develop sensory and motor skills faster while having fun.


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We have a good selection of various types of Activity Toy Play Mats. Please note that your choice might not be the same as in the picture or video shown.

Top 3 Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat

Cognitive Development

Baby play mat allows babies to learn the basics of cause and effect. The mat stimulates ‘primary circular reactions’, meaning it encourages babies to repeat an action they did by chance (for example, hitting a toy by mistake). As babies grow, they pull on, grab or kick a toy intentionally (secondary circular reactions) and repeat them because they find them fun. Simply put, baby play mat in some sense ‘forces’ babies to interact with dangling toys.

Visual Development

Baby play mat supports the baby’s visual perceptual skills. This is because babies prefer objects with highly contrasting colors and baby play mat design usually is a contrast of bright colors.

Gross Motor Development

Baby play mat stimulates a baby to crawl and use their arms and legs. This helps them to build muscles. More importantly, it encourages laying on the stomach which strengthens neck, back, and arms. It also supports the development of:

  • Gross motor skills (rolling, crawling, walking), hand skills
  • Visual skills; and even
  • Speech and feeding skills (stronger neck better supports the jaw essential for talking and eating).

The baby play mat is very easy to use, to clean, it is portable (you can easily fold it and take with you on a vacation) and can also be customized (you can always hang extra or different toys). Although designed for babies, playmat is suitable for toddlers as well.

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Dimensions 59 × 70 × 10 cm
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3 - 7 Days, 8 - 14 Days, 15 - 21 Days, 22 - 30 Days, 3 Months