Bambino Elite Isofix (9 - 36kg)

Bambino Elite Isofix (9 - 36kg) (Nr.2)


The "Bambino Elite Isofix" is a child car seat designed to accommodate children with a weight range of 9 to 36 kilograms, making it suitable for kids from approximately 9 months to 12 years of age. This product aims to offer heightened safety and convenience features, such as adjustable headrest and harness height, allowing it to grow with your child, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit throughout all stages of their development.

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Introducing the Bambino Elite Isofix (9 - 36kg) (Nr.2), a high-quality car seat that prioritizes the safety and comfort of your child. Designed for children weighing between 9 and 36kg, the Elite Isofix (Nr.2) offers advanced features and superior protection. The Isofix installation system ensures a secure and stable fit in your vehicle, providing peace of mind during your travels. With its adjustable headrest and multiple recline positions, it offers a customizable and comfortable seating experience for your child. The Elite Isofix (Nr.2) is equipped with side impact protection and a reinforced shell, ensuring maximum safety in the event of a collision. Choose the Bambino Elite Isofix (Nr.2) for premium quality and unparalleled peace of mind on the road.


  1. Suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36kg, accommodating their growth.
  2. Easy-to-use Isofix installation system for a secure and stable fit.
  3. Adjustable headrest and multiple recline positions for customized comfort.
  4. Side impact protection for enhanced safety.
  5. Reinforced shell for maximum protection during collisions.
  6. Soft and comfortable padding for a cozy seating experience.
  7. Complies with safety standards for optimal protection.
  8. Durable construction for long-lasting usage.

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Weight40 kg
Dimensions58 × 50 × 70 cm