Neutral Nursery Recliner

Neutral Nursery Recliner


A Neutral Nursery Recliner: Versatile, comfortable, and stylish seating for soothing, feeding, and bonding with your baby.

Size: 120 (L) x 85 (B) x 110 (H)

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1 in stock


A Neutral Nursery Recliner is a versatile and comfortable piece of furniture designed to provide a cozy seating and relaxing spot in a nursery. It is a chair that can recline to various positions, allowing parents or caregivers to feed, soothe, or simply sit and bond with their baby.

Key Features:

  • Neutral Design: The recliner is designed with a neutral color and style to seamlessly blend with various nursery decor themes.
  • Reclining Functionality: It offers multiple recline positions to accommodate different needs, from feeding to napping.
  • Comfortable Padding: The chair is generously padded for maximum comfort during extended use.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand everyday use and designed to last through your child's early years.

Usage Considerations:

  • Ideal for feeding, soothing, storytime, or relaxing with your baby in the nursery.
  • The recliner's comfortable design can also be used in other rooms of the house once the nursery phase is over.

Additional information

Weight224 kg
Dimensions120 × 85 × 110 cm