Tips For Baby Proofing your home

10 Jun 2022

Baby Proofing can be stressful.

Did you know that most babies suffer injuries while being at home in your care? There are some crazy injuries that can take place like poisoning, drowning, choking, electrocution, suffocating during sleep and tripping over furniture.

Where to start and what to look out for?

Let’s start at the kitchen.

  • Limit the time that your baby spends in the kitchen as this will decrease your baby’s chances of getting injured.
  • Use safety latches and locks on cupboards, especially drawers that contain sharp, breakable, or dangerous items.
  • Don’t leave plastic bags laying around as the baby can suffocate and choke on it.
  • Make sure all your wiring is out of reach and that you don’t have any cords dangling.
  • Don’t have small items like magnets or pills laying around (babies put everything in their mouth that they see – believe it or not).

Now we move on to the living room. Most of your time will be spent in this room so this needs to be well baby-proofed.

  • Try and have carpets in the living room that will soften the blow if the baby falls.
  • Make sure that the coffee table you buy does not have sharp edges and does not have a glass tabletop that can break easily.
  • Always remember to think like a baby and always consider how they would experience things.
  • Remember to not have leads running through your living room as this can cause your child to run and trip.
  • Make sure all of your outlets have covers!

Now for the bathroom.

  • Don’t use electric appliances in the bathroom.
  • Always keep the toilet seat down with a lock as children do find a toilet fascinating.
  • Lock all your toiletries and bathing equipment (cleaning supplies, toothpaste, and razors) to protect the little one from cutting or poisoning themselves.
  • Always keep your eyes on the baby when they are busy in/with water.
  • Make sure your baht toys are age appropriate for baby.

Finally: the baby’s nursery.

  • Have a monitor that you can keep an eye on your children even if you are in the room.
  • Be careful about what paint you use as some paint materials can be poisonous.
  • Get a window guard and remember to keep your crib away from windows.
  • Don’t allow your baby to walk freely if you aren’t around or if you are sleeping. Look for a crib with fixed sides and that’s age appropriate.

Other noteworthy tips for baby proofing:

  • Take in mind if your house has a staircase.
  • Close any doors leading to the staircase.
  • Invest in a baby safety gate that prevents the baby from going up or down the staircase.
  • Add some carpets on the stairs to soften the blow. Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent slipping.
  • Add lights to the staircase to help you see where you are going.
  • Keep all your doors closed.
  • Use anchors on furniture that can tip easily.
  • Lock your guns up if you have and make sure they are always unloaded.
  • Don’t leave alcohol or cigarettes lying around the house.
  • Make sure that you pool, or hot tub area is sectioned off or fenced to block your little one from entering.
  • Make sure your doorstops work and that they aren’t hazardous.

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