When Is My Child Ready For A Booster

by Annelize Van Dyk

A child is only booster ready when they meet ALL 5 criteria:

  • Be at least 4 years old.
  • Meet the weight minimum of 15kg
  • Meet the height minimum of 100cm
  • Be responsible enough to sit properly 100% of the time, even while asleep.
  • Have a safe belt fit.
    • A child needs to be at least 15kg and 100cm tall to fit most boosters. 4 years is the minimum recommended age to move to a booster. However, we advocate waiting as long as possible to move a child to a booster.  If your child still fits the toddler seat’s height and weight limits, don’t be in a rush to move to a booster.
    • It is important that a child is mature enough to sit still and upright at all times in a booster, before they are safe to travel in one. A booster does not restrain a child like a 5-point harnessed car seat does, which means they have much more freedom to climb out a booster, unbuckle themselves and get themselves into dangerous positions.
    • "If a child is wiggling out of position at the time of a crash, with the seatbelt poorly fitted across the body, that leaves them vulnerable to serious injury. That means the decision to move from harness to booster is rooted in the child’s maturity. The ability to sit correctly for the entire ride, 100% of the time, happens somewhere past age 5 for most kids, and not until 6 or 7 for many others." (CSFTL)
    • Once a child has outgrown their harnessed car seat and is booster ready, there isn’t any scientific information that proves that a harness is safer than a properly used booster seat. The key is the booster being properly used: where the child is of appropriate age and the belt is positioned properly.
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