Struggling to make food, do chores, shower, or even get dressed? Yeah, us too until we discovered the realm of bouncers and rockers.

Tempted to buy one? Think again!

Your child might prefer a bouncer over a rocker or vice-versa. That doesn’t mean however that you should buy both. NOPE! Instead rent each one for a week or however long you like and change your option as it pleases your little one. Once you find the one that works best for your baby, extend the rental to 3 months.

Benefits of renting these products:

  • You get to try out different products without having to buy it
  • Hands free when you need them
  • Assists baby with sleeping whilst giving your arms a break from bouncing or rocking baby
  • Electronic ones do the job for you – even better
  • Lightweight and portable – perfect for travelling
  • Lots of add-ons such as toys to entertain your child
  • When your baby gets bored, you can swop it for the next best thing
  • Save money and space by renting – give the item back to us once baby is done with it

Ready to rent? Book online:

Rent Monthly Ingenuity Baby Bouncers (Birth to 3 Months) - Baby House


Rent Monthly Baby Einstein Baby Rocker (From Birth to 3 Months) - Baby House

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