by Annelize Van Dyk

We all know how difficult and exhausting the night feeds can be and a co-sleeper is the answer.

A co-sleeper is an extension of the moms’ bed and stands next to the bed or hooks onto the mattress. Mom will be able to keep baby in her bed during the night feeds. There will be no fear of rolling on top of your baby and baby will not need to sleep in your arms. WIN-WIN!

This product is used only for a few months and therefore the rental option is a great money-saving idea.

Benefits of renting this product:

  • Our co-sleepers are height adjustable and on wheels. 
  • All 4 sides are slatted and made from unpainted or painted pine wood (depending on which option you choose)
  • The co-sleepers have two functions. The one side can open for easy access, or the same side can be closed to turn the co-sleeper into a crib. It is not attached to your bed but has lockable wheels and stand independently next to your bed. With 4 lockable wheels, it is very safe! 
  • With co-sleepers on wheels, you can move it from room to room.

Quality baby co-sleepers are expensive and are only used for the first 3 to 4 months. It just makes so much more sense to rent this product from us.

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