Why Should You Rent a Hospital Bath Basinette?

by Annelize Van Dyk

Sleepless nights? Sore back? Tired of being tired? We've got the solution! 

The perspex bath trolley or karibu bath trolley is a must for any new mom adjusting to life with a newborn. 

Benefits of renting this product:

  • This product can double up as a bed and a bath. The karibu is suitable for bathing only
  • The hospital graded perspex/acrylic bath is the same as that which is used in private hospitals, thus familiar environment for baby to sleep in and brings you comfort
  • The bath trolley stand saves you from bending over uncomfortably by the bath
  • Brings relief for C-section moms that cannot pick up heavy things or bend over
  • The bath trolley is on wheels which means you can move it easily from one room to another 
  • Knock-down frame which makes transportation easier
  • Compact enough to place next to your bed to keep baby close by during the night
  • RENT this item and SAVE MONEY! This is a short-term product that only lasts from birth to 7kg/0 - 3 months. 

For safety reasons your child should not be using it after that weight/age. 

  • This rental will help you to find a routine with your little one whilst giving them a sleeping and/or bathing solution.

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Rent Monthly Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys With Perspex Bath - Baby House


Rent Monthly Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys With Karibu Bath - Baby House

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