Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021

2 July 2022
by Annelize Van Dyk

It's Easy If You Do It Smart

These items are the best Baby Must Have Essential List 2021 or the best Baby Checklist. They have been rated as “deal breakers” or even “life-saving”.

Top 5 Baby Must Have

1) Plonkey Donkey: Not only will you have your hands free to use your phone or have a cup of tea, but your Newborn will be able to sit upright, fully supported! This was my lifesaver. Price R599

plonky Donkey is made to strict international Safety Standards. It has been tested by the British Standards Institute-BS 5665 Parts 1,2 and 3 and BS 5852 for the Flame Retardant Fibre

It is easy to wash with a removable Cover.

Can be used for:

  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Comfortable bottle feeding on any surface
  • Snug sitting support
  • traveling Cushion
  • Tv pillow
  • eases colic
Baby must have
Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021 6

2) Co-sleeper: The one product I just dreamt of having and still to this day I tell my clients if I had a co-sleeper, I would have had more babies. ? p.s. to feed every 3 hours right through the night, was excruciating.

Why you need a baby co-sleeper:

We all know how difficult and exhausting the night feeds can be and a co-sleeper is definitely the answer.

An extract from my blog on the homepage of this website:
“Cots are so open, huge, drafty, and most importantly, not next to your bed!!!!

I tried putting my firstborn first into a carrycot and then into his cot…..Now I know better.

A crib or cradle is a very good choice, but a co-sleeper is still the best decision you can make.

A co-sleeper is an extension of the mom’s bed and stands next to the bed or hooks onto the mattress.

Mom will be able to keep the baby during the night feeds, in her bed.

There will be no fear of rolling on top of your baby and baby will not need to sleep in your arms.”

We all know how difficult and exhausting the night feeds can be and a co-sleeper is definitely the answer.

This product is used only for a few months and therefore the rental option is a great money-saving idea.

Quality baby co-sleepers are expensive and are only used for the first 3 to 4 months.

It just makes so much more sense to rent this product from us.

Our beautiful, wooden co-sleepers have been designed to accommodate your little one from newborn up to 3 months old.

Features of our co-sleeper:

- Height adjustable

- Side panel to fold down or that can be locked into position

- Space saving

- Encourages emotional bonding with baby

- On wheels with brakes, thus it can be moved easily

- Well ventilated

Baby must have
Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021 7

3) Battery-operated swing: I measured, as a true business person should, the amount of extra “free” time I got when using different baby equipment.

The swing gave me 45 minutes minimum, therefore this was a deal breaker.

Take note, this is a short-term product and should be rented. We rent swings out for R599 for a full 3 months.

benefits of the Joie Serina 2-in-1 swing

  • Tested beyond the standard weight capacity to hold up to 9kgs
  • Lift off seat doubles as a portable rocking seat
  • Pivoting carry handle makes the rocker easily portable from room to room
  • 2-way seat swings front and back or side to side - whichever way baby likes
  • 6 swing speeds to fit baby's preference
  • 2 wheels and an integrated handle make the swing frame easy to move
  • 3 position reclining seat offers comfort options for baby
  • 2-speed soothing vibration pairs with 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds to calm little ones
  • Soft glow nightlight with 4 brightness settings
  • Removable, washable, plush infant body support and seat pad are cozy and perfectly cocoon baby
  • serina™ 2in1 - Joie South Africa | Explore Joie (
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Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021 8

4) Front carriers: Although very short term, buy them dirt cheap second-hand and enjoy.

This is the only way I could get any cooking done, etc.

Our prices are on average R250+ depending on preloved or brand new.

Features Hipporoo 5-in-1 Baby Carrier (grey):


Adjustable as your baby grows from Newborn to Toddler (3.6 kgs - 20 kgs) and super lightweight (390g) you can take it everywhere. Perfect for when you need to feed on the go too.

EASY AS 1,2,3

Very easy to use and versatile, the Hipporoo® 5-in-1 has a large right-hand side pocket that can fit your phone and is perfect for your car keys, wallet, and other daily essentials too.


The waistline belt evenly distributes your baby's weight and prevents back strain. Reinforced with a soft sponge, it fastens snugly with thick anti-scratch velcro. For added security and comfort, it buckles easily to your waist. Fits waistlines from 70 cm to 130 cm.


The inner mesh padding has breathable vacuum holes that facilitate air circulation and the padded waistline belt is especially gentle on moms with c-section scars.

In an effort to reduce waste in line with our eco-sustainability goals, we do not provide a paper manual with our products. Rather, we offer step-by-step instructional videos as well as free consultations and ongoing support via Whatsapp: +27 (0) 79 160 4895.

How to Hipporoo®
1. Hip Seat as Feeding Support (Cradle or Rugby Hold from Newborn to 6 months)
This instructional video demonstrates how to use the hip seat as a feeding/nursing support:

2. Prefer Rugby Hold? Simply adjust and move the seat to the desired position on your side.

How to Hipporoo®: 3 Ways with Hip Seat (6 - 36 months)
This instructional video demonstrates how to use your hip seat in the Stage 3 Toddler positions:
3. Hip Seat facing Inward / Use as a Feeding Support: Sit Hold (6 - 36 months)
4. Hip Seat facing Outward (6 - 36 months)
5. Hip Seat on the Side (6 - 24 months)

Baby must have
Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021 9

5) Bath trolley or bath changing station: Did you know that you will be bathing your baby in the morning when nobody is home to help you carry a heavy bath with water?

I also never knew that I would prefer to bathe my baby in a room with a heater.

Baths on wheels are the answer. You can rent from us a bath/bassinet hospital trolley on wheels from R650 for a full 3 months. Again, it is a very short-term need.

Be Prepared

  • Make sure that you are prepared when bathing your little one and that everything at hand is important such as a soap/bathing solution, towel, clean diaper, clean clothes, and so forth. By having these close by, you are able to give your undivided attention to the little one and you may never be tempted to leave him/her alone in the tub for you to go fetch something or even answer the doorbell. Keep in mind that your baby can drown even in one inch of water and leaving him/her alone should be completely avoided.
  • If you are using the tub, make sure that it’s family-friendly with a rubber anti-slip mat and covers for the spout to avoid bumps. It should be noted that many new mothers look to the convenience of a hiring hospital bath bassinet that converts into comfortable and easy-to-use bath trolleys which have shelves for keeping the above-mentioned items and can also be elevated.

Make it Comfortable

  • Your baby’s bath should be at a comfortable temperature. Test the temperature of the bathwater by placing some on your wrist or the inside of your elbow to decide whether the water is too warm)
  • Make sure that the bathroom is at a comfortable temperature too, preferably 23 Celsius degrees.
  • Make sure that you close off running water taps before putting your baby into the bathwater. This is done to ensure that the bathwater does not get too deep.
  • Make sure the bath water is only 2 to 4 inches deep.

(This information is courtesy of

Baby must have
Baby Must Have! Best Newborn Essential List 2021 10

Keep your eyes on the Newborn Essential List 2021 – Baby Checklist, we will keep it updated and fresh!

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