How does our rentals work for first time parents?

27 May 2022
by Mikayla van Dyk

1st time parents? OVERWHELMED?

Don't know what to get?

If this is you, RENT BABY GEAR from us!

Many first time parents are unsure why they cannot just buy items, after all, they just want the best of their baby. So why do we advocate renting? What's the big deal?

The answer is very simple: most baby products will only be used for a few months. The baby will either get tired of it and loose complete interest -ouch!-or they will be too big or heavy for it - even more of a bummer.

Let’s take for instance the infant seats. 

All though the prescribed weight of an infant seat is from birth to 13 kg, in real life 90% of all babies are just too tall or too big for their seat around the age of 6 months. 

This is the kind of information you will never get when you are buying it at a store.

The infant seat bases are therefore also only used until 6 months. 

Not having a base for your seat is just not a good decision anymore.

The latest research suggests that 70% of all seats are incorrectly installed and that a having a base will help to prevent this. Once installed, you never have to do it again. 

If you have more than one vehicle it is a great idea to have a base for every car. 

Again, less hassle, time and installation mistakes. 

BUT having to buy two bases for such a short time can be very costly and therefore renting it makes so much sense.

PLUS, what they won't tell you at the shops is that you primarily buy a travel system because you need the infant seat from the start...but that's not to say the stroller or jogger that comes with it is going to work for you in a year's time. SHOCKER!

How does our rental process work for locals?

1) Go onto our website:

2) View our different categories

3) Select our Weekly rentals or Monthly rentals (depending on how long you need to rent)

4) Click on “SHOW SIDEBAR” to view all SUBCATEGORIES

5) Select the items you wish to rent 

6) Scroll down until you see “Booking Form”

7) Enter your dates and click on “booking” 

8) Select “view cart”

9) Once your billing or shipping information has been filled out, you will then have the option to choose “pick up from shop” or “delivery”. 

10) Once all of your personal information has been filled in and you have electronically ticked off the boxes by the rental contract, you will be able to process your payment.

We have a variety of payment options: Payfast, Mastercard, and instant EFT. 

If you do not come right on our website for whatever reason, you are welcome to send us an email with your requirements to or call us at 021 851 7640 and we will send you a rental contract and invoice to process.

RENT or SHOP in store at 5 Bayview road, Somerset West OR

online at


Tel: 021 851 7640

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