Payment Policy

Urgent Transactions: If you require an urgent transaction, such as renting or buying an item on the same day, please note the following options:

  • Immediate Payment with Clearance Time: You can make an immediate payment, but please allow 2 – 3 hours for the amount to clear in our account.
  • Payment via FNB with Proof of Payment (POP): Pay via FNB and send us the POP. We can verify FNB payments online.
  • Cash Payment In-Store: Pay with cash directly at our physical store.
  • PayPal Payments: PayPal payments include a levy fee, even if not for a rental. PayPal clears immediately, and we receive a notification instantly.

EFT Payment Clarification: If a customer has paid via EFT but forgot to select an immediate transfer, and the funds have not cleared by the time they arrive at the shop:

  • They will need to make another payment via card or cash.
  • Once the EFT amount clears in a few days, we will refund the duplicate payment made.

Clearance of Funds: We do not release any items until the full payment amount clears into our bank account. Proof of payment alone does not confirm payment. Due to our policy, we do not operate on trust with the general public.


  • We only accept VISA or Mastercard.
  • We do not accept American Express or Diner Club Cards.
  • We do not return rental deposits via cash.