African Baby Carrier - Grey Hemp Original

African Baby Carrier - Grey Hemp Original (Nr.1)


The African Baby Carrier is suitable for infants from 4 months to 3 years old or up to 20kg.

It is lightweight, with weight distribution on the hips rather than the shoulders, aided by a padded hip belt and chest belt.

The baby carrier has a design that allows for ease of movement and includes an adjustable hood for sleeping support.

The baby carrier is also designed to minimize over-stimulation and is machine washable.

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1 in stock


Accommodates infants from 4 months, or as soon as they can support their own head, up to 3 years of age or a maximum weight of 20kg.

Remarkably lightweight at just 580 grams, it prioritizes comfort and practicality.

Featuring a padded hip belt, it distributes the child's weight effectively, alleviating strain on the shoulders.

Additionally, the chest belt minimizes shoulder pressure and prevents the straps from slipping.

The buckles ensure effortless and secure fastening and unfastening.

With freedom of arm movement, children can explore comfortably. An adjustable hood supports a sleeping child's head and grows with them.

Designed to shield against over-stimulation, it provides a serene environment.

Furthermore, its machine-washable construction facilitates easy maintenance with a gentle 30-degree cycle.

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