Tiger Lily Cuddle Bunny

Tiger Lily Cuddle Bunny


Cozy up with your new cuddle buddy! Our Cuddle Bunny is a sleep essential that's ridiculously soft with silky satin ears, the perfect self-soothing sleep companion. Get ready for sweet dreams (and lots of hugs)!

Top Tip: purchase backup bunnies of the same colourway and rotate them from the beginning so that both bunnies 'grow loved' together. Over the years we have received many 'panic' calls after bunnies have been loved to death, or thrown in a fire, or even stolen 🙁

Wash Care:
Machine wash on a gentle, warm setting

Head-to-toe length approximately 300mm
Width approximately 120mm

All products are handcrafted (with love!) and as a result there may be slight variations in size


Embrace bedtime bliss with our adorable Cuddle Bunny, your ultimate snuggle companion! Made from irresistibly soft materials and featuring silky satin ears, this cuddly buddy is designed to provide comfort and companionship for a restful night's sleep. Get ready for a world of sweet dreams and countless hugs with your new bedtime buddy!

For an extra dose of practicality, we recommend purchasing backup bunnies in the same colorway. By rotating them from the start, both bunnies can 'grow loved' together, ensuring your little one always has a cherished friend by their side. Over the years, we've heard many stories of beloved bunnies being loved to bits, accidentally damaged, or even lost, so having a backup can save the day when bedtime emergencies arise.

When it's time for a freshen-up, simply toss your Cuddle Bunny in the washing machine on a gentle, warm setting, making care a breeze for busy parents.

Measuring approximately 300mm from head to toe and 120mm in width, our Cuddle Bunny is perfectly sized for snuggles and cuddles, providing comfort and warmth throughout the night.

Please note that each Cuddle Bunny is handcrafted with love, so slight variations in size may occur, adding to the unique charm and personality of your cuddly companion.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm
Cuddle Bunny

White with white ears, White with sage ears, White with grey ears