ABC Zoom Double Travel System with Adapters and Accessories - R7999

ABC Zoom Double Stroller with Adapters & Accessories


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    ABC Zoom Double Stroller

    The ABC Zoom Double Stroller is designed for flexibility and convenience, perfect for families with two little ones. Key features include:

    • Flexible Seating: Two seats with adjustable recline for maximum comfort.
    • Durable and Lightweight: Aluminum frame ensures easy transport and longevity.
    • Customizable Handlebar: Telescopic handlebar adjusts to your preferred height.
    • Smooth Maneuverability: Front wheels swivel and lock for stability and ease of movement.


    • 2 Seats
    • 2 Basinets
    • Accessories

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1 in stock


The ABC Zoom Double Stroller is designed to accommodate various seating configurations with its two stroller seats, providing flexibility for families with multiple children.

Each seat features a supportive recline on the backrest, ensuring comfort for little ones during strolls.

Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, this stroller offers durability without adding unnecessary bulk, making it easy to transport and maneuver through crowded streets or narrow aisles.

The telescopic handlebar adds to the convenience, allowing caregivers to adjust the height to their preferred level for comfortable pushing.

For enhanced maneuverability and stability, the front wheels of the stroller both swivel and lock.

This feature enables effortless navigation through tight spaces and busy environments, while also providing the option to secure the stroller in place when needed, ensuring the safety of your children.

Whether you're navigating bustling city streets or exploring outdoor trails, the ABC Zoom Double Stroller offers both versatility and peace of mind.

Included are x2 seats, x2 basinets, and accessories.

Additional information

Weight62 kg
Dimensions86 × 66 × 55 cm