Bambino Elite Car Seat (9 - 36 kg)

Bambino Elite Isofix Car Seat (9 - 36 kg)


Experience the pinnacle of child travel safety with the Bambino Elite Car Seat, suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36 kg. This premium car seat features an adjustable headrest that grows with your child, multi-stage recline for customized comfort, and enhanced side-impact protection for utmost safety. The integrated 5-point harness system ensures a secure and snug fit, while the breathable fabric cover offers a hygienic and comfortable environment. Easy to install and built for longevity, it's the elite choice for ensuring relaxed and safe journeys for years to come.

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Experience peace of mind and premium comfort with the Bambino Elite Car Seat, expertly designed to accommodate children from 9 to 36 kg. Tailored to meet the safety and comfort needs of growing children, this car seat integrates cutting-edge safety features with luxurious design elements to offer an elite travel solution for little passengers.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Headrest: Equipped with an adjustable headrest, it easily adapts to accommodate your child’s growth, providing comfort and support throughout different stages.
  • Multi-Stage Recline: Featuring a multi-stage recline function, it allows for a customized seating position to suit the comfort preferences of your child, ensuring relaxed journeys.
  • Side-Impact Protection: Incorporates superior side-impact protection, guarding your little one from potential impacts and offering enhanced safety during travel.
  • 5-Point Harness System: Integrated with a 5-point harness system, it firmly secures your child, minimizing movement and ensuring a safe ride every time.
  • Breathable Fabric Cover: Comes with a breathable fabric cover that is removable and washable, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for your child.


  • Long-Term Use: Built for longevity, this car seat accommodates children in the weight range of 9 to 36 kg, making it a reliable choice for several years.
  • Safety Standards: Meets and exceeds stringent safety standards, offering peace of mind that your child is protected during every journey.

Invest in the Bambino Elite Car Seat for a blend of luxury, safety, and convenience, ensuring happy and comfortable journeys for your child for years to come. This elite choice stands as a testament to Bambino's commitment to quality and innovation in child travel solutions.

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Weight31 kg
Dimensions53 × 46 × 64 cm