Joie Non-isofix Base (0103)

Joie Non-isofix Base (0103)


  1. The Joie non-isofix base is a convenient and easy-to-use car seat base that securely holds your child's car seat without the need for isofix connectors.

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Joie Non-isofix Base

The Joie Non-Isofix base is an infant car seat base that aims to provide a stable and secure platform for specific Joie car seats.

In contrast to some other car seat bases, it does not rely on the Isofix system to connect to the car's anchorage points, rather it is kept in place by the car's seat belt.

The Joie Non-Isofix base is a flexible alternative that can be used in various vehicles, making it a great choice for families who have multiple cars or frequently travel in different types of vehicles. It is adaptable to any car as long as the seat belt is appropriate for securing the base.

Thus, it is convenient for parents who want to ensure their child's safety while traveling, irrespective of the car model or make.

Additionally, the Joie Non-Isofix base is user-friendly and has an intuitive installation process.

The base includes clear and concise instructions along with user-friendly diagrams that make it easy to set up and modify as needed.

This aspect is especially crucial for parents who are not familiar with car seat bases and may find it challenging to ensure that the base is installed correctly and that the car seat is securely attached.

Moreover, the Joie Non-Isofix base boasts several safety features that make it a trustworthy choice for parents.

It features a support leg that extends from the base to the floor of the car, providing extra stability and reducing the risk of the car seat toppling over in the event of an accident or sudden halt.

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