Joie Non-isofix Base (0688)

Joie Non-isofix Base (0688)


  1. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, the Joie non-isofix base is a versatile and practical option for parents who want a car seat base that can be used in a wide range of vehicles without isofix fittings.

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Joie Non-isofix Base

The Joie Non-Isofix base is an exemplary car seat foundation crafted to provide a steady and secure platform for certain Joie infant car seats. Differing from some car seat bases, it doesn't utilize the Isofix system to fixate itself to the vehicle's anchorage points. Instead, it is affixed using the car's seat belt.

The Joie Non-Isofix base offers an adaptable solution for families who require a versatile option and travel in various cars, as it can be employed in a vast array of vehicles, provided that the seat belt is suitable to secure the base. As a result, it is a favorable choice for parents who aim to ensure their child's car seat is firmly installed in their vehicle, regardless of the car's type or make.

Furthermore, the Joie Non-Isofix base is a user-friendly and intuitive product. The base comes with clear instructions and unambiguous diagrams, enabling effortless setup and customization as required. This feature is particularly crucial for parents who are inexperienced with car seat bases and may find it daunting to ensure the base is correctly installed and the car seat firmly attached.

Furthermore, the Joie Non-Isofix base exhibits multiple safety features that make it a dependable option for parents. For instance, it encompasses a support leg extending from the base to the floor of the car. This provides added stability, minimizing the risk of the car seat toppling over in the event of an accident or sudden stop.

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