Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat

Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat


The Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat prioritizes your child's safety and comfort from birth to approximately 4 years. Featuring ISOFIX installation, a top tether, and a secure 5-point harness, it offers both rearward and forward-facing options. Rated by ADAC for safety, it includes high-performance absorption material in the headrest. The convenience of a machine-washable cover enhances its appeal as a durable and user-friendly choice for safety-conscious parents.

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The Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat is a reliable solution ensuring safety and comfort for your child from birth to around 4 years. Featuring secure ISOFIX installation and a top tether, it prioritizes stability in your vehicle.

Safety Assurance: Trusted globally, Maxi Cosi prioritizes child safety. MiloFix underwent rigorous testing, earning a good rating from ADAC. The Top Tether system minimizes forward movement upon impact, enhancing safety. Rearward-facing travel is recommended for the initial 15 months for added protection, including a headrest with absorption material.

Comprehensive Protection: A 5-point integral safety harness and anti-slip harness pads secure your child during frontal impacts, ensuring complete protection.

Long-Lasting Convenience: Designed for longevity, MiloFix accommodates rear-facing travel for infants up to 15 months, with an easy switching system for forward-facing as your child grows. ISOFIX installation with indicator guidance and Top Tether tensioning adds to safety.

Easy Maintenance: Maxi Cosi understands parenting challenges. MiloFix's machine-washable cover facilitates easy maintenance, ensuring hygienic travels.

Choose the Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat for a seamless blend of safety, convenience, and longevity—a parent's ideal investment in their child's well-being on every journey.

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