Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat

Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat


The Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat ensures safety and comfort for your child from birth to around 4 years. With ISOFIX installation, top tether, and a 5-point harness, it offers rearward and forward-facing options. ADAC-rated for safety, it features high-performance absorption material in the headrest. The machine-washable cover adds convenience to this long-lasting car seat, making it an ideal choice for parents prioritizing safety and ease of use.

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The Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat is a reliable and versatile solution designed to cater to your child's safety and comfort needs from birth to approximately 4 years. The car seat features an easy and secure ISOFIX installation along with a top tether, ensuring a stable and safe setup in your vehicle.

Safety Features: Maxi Cosi, a brand trusted by millions, prioritizes your child's safety. The MiloFix has undergone rigorous testing, including dynamic safety and ease of use evaluations by organizations like ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club), earning a good rating. The Top Tether system acts as an anti-rotation device, minimizing forward movement in the event of an impact.

For the crucial early months, the MiloFix allows for rearward-facing travel, recommended up to approximately 15 months. This orientation provides enhanced protection for the fragile head and neck of your baby. The headrest is equipped with high-performance absorption material, offering additional safety in the event of a lateral impact.

A 5-point integral safety harness and anti-slip harness pads ensure secure restraint during frontal impacts, providing comprehensive protection for your child.

Long-Lasting Convenience: The MiloFix is designed to be a long-lasting car seat, providing convenience and safety as your child grows. It accommodates rear-facing travel for infants up to around 15 months and features an easy switching system for a smooth transition to forward-facing (group 1) as your child enters toddlerhood.

The car seat offers the practicality of ISOFIX installation, and indicators guide you to ensure correct installation and Top Tether tensioning. This attention to detail contributes to the overall safety of the car seat.

Easy Maintenance: Understanding the practical challenges of parenthood, Maxi Cosi has made the MiloFix easy to maintain. The car seat cover is machine washable and can be easily removed, ensuring that your child's travels remain comfortable and hygienic.

Invest in the Maxi Cosi MiloFix Car Seat for a seamless blend of safety, convenience, and longevity—an ideal choice for parents who prioritize their child's well-being during every journey.

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