Prams can be divided into three groups or styles: Joggers, Travel Systems and Strollers.

You know when you think something should be simple and easy and then it is not! This is the case with most new parents when they have to buy a pram for the first time. The sheer variety and price categories  are just overwhelming. In this article I will draw upon my 25 years of experience as a mother and a small business owner. We will discuss the differences in detail below and help you decide how to choose the right pram. Once this decision has been made we can drill down into the abyss called travel systems……

Jogger prams:

Joggers or outdoor prams can just be stand alone prams or a travel systems,  just add an infant car seat. This is the best option if you love the outdoors; the forest, farm or beach walks. Although these prams are quite heavy and bulky, the wheels are perfect for any rough terrain. p.s. you might need to buy a bigger car…..but at least you will have a pram that can do the job.  Serious joggers are advised to buy joggers with extra shock absorbers, inflatable wheels and maybe even a fixed front wheel.

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Travel System prams:

Travel systems are prams sold with an infant car seat.  The infant seat can be used for the first 5 to 6 months and is therefore super essential. The wheels will not be as big as the joggers’ and  probably not be inflatable. This pram will be very compact, easy to fold-up  and stylish – great for normal side-walks and mall trips.

If you buy a slightly bigger wheeled travel system  you can have the best of both worlds; mall trips and beach walks.

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Stroller prams:

Strollers on the other hand are second phase prams; ideal for when you are done with the travel system, done with the car seat and you don’t feel like lugging a big pram around anymore….. Strollers are usually very light, fold up umbrella style and is very zippy in the aisles of shops. Second time moms know how handy a stroller can be and they will buy a stroller with an infant seat as their one and only pram. A good example is a Citi Mini stroller with a Maxi-Cosi infant seat.

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We trust that the question: how to choose the right pram, will be resolved. If you still have concerns or questions, feel free to contact us directly and we will gladly assist.