Doona Stroller and Car seat: The Ultimate Review (2023)

20 September 2023
by Mikayla van Dyk

"Doona stroller and car seat is the world’s 1st complete and fully integrated travel system, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds.

The sleek and stylish design allows you to navigate the streets at ease, without disturbing your sleeping child when hopping in a car, traveling by bus, or walking up the stairs.

The revolutionary car seat and stroller provide a safe and practical solution for parents on the go. The latest collection makes a bold and on-trend statement with seven vivid colors, an updated all-black inner seat cover, and a sleek charcoal aluminum frame. This collection answers the needs of fashion-conscious families." - (Doona™ Car Seat & Stroller - Classic Collection – Doona™ South Africa)

Why Choose The Doona

Doona Stroller and Car Seat
Why choose the doona stroller

Description of The Doona Stroller and Car Seat

Doona Stroller and Car seat
Doona stroller and car seat

The Doona is a one-of-a-kind product, doubling up as a stroller and a car seat. This is a dream come true for any on-the-go parents looking for a convenient and space-saving product.

With an anti-rebound bar and double wall structure, this car seat and stroller in one have high safety and quality standards.

We also love that the Doona is TUV, and FAA aircraft approved. This is ideal for the jet setters out there that would like to include their latest edition to the family.

For ease of mind, the Doona is sold with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

This is more than enough of a warranty to shrug off any stress first-time parents might have when committing to this product as you will not use the Doona for longer than 2 years.

Doona stroller and car seat
doona stroller

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Baby-Safe materials

All of the materials of the Doona are free of hazardous chemicals and are approved under strict European standards. The durability of the breathable textiles is even tested to ensure top quality and satisfaction.

Aircraft Approval

TUV and FAA approved - the Doona is ideal for traveling with your little one.

Rent the Doona HERE

Standards & Certifications

The Doona meets the quality and safety requirements of all the following standards: ECE R44, EN1888, and EN12790.

Fail-Safe Mechanisms

Doona has multiple fail-safe mechanisms to prevent unintentional folding and extension of the carry mode handle.

Anti-Rebound Protection

The anti-rebound bar of the Doona will absorb the impact from a collision and will prevent the Doona from rotating towards the back of the seat.

Side Impact Protection

The double-wall structure of the Doona provides enhanced side-impact protection. There are two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic.

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Compatible Products

The Doona comes with its own designed isofix base. Alternatively, it can be installed without the base, using the safety belt of your vehicle.

doona stroller and car seat
Isofix base


  • Product dimensions (WxLxH)
  • Folded: 44 x 66 x 60 cm
  • Unfolded: 44 x 82 x 99 cm
  • Product weight: 7.7kg
  • Suitability: Rearward-facing infant car seat
  • Group: 0+
  • Recommended infant weight: 1.8-13 kg
  • Recommended infant height: up to 81.3 cm


doona stroller
FEATURES of the doona stroller

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User Guides – Doona





In conclusion, the Doona stroller and car seat is a difficult option to beat!

There are no other products quite like this one on the market. It can be installed in any vehicle for ease of use and allows you to travel across the globe thanks to it being aircraft-approved.

It's stylish, practical, and innovative in design. We love the multifunctional product!


How does the Doona Anti-rebound Protection feature work?

Doona Stroller and Car seat: The Ultimate review

Just like other car seats, Doona’s has a unique structure that enables the positioning of the handlebar to push against the back of the seat in your car.
This provides your baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection, in an accident. The Anti-Rebound handlebar will absorb the impact and prevent the car seat from rotating quickly toward the back of the seat.

How safe is Doona? Has it been tested by any consumer organizations other than crash testing?

Yes, the Doona is safe. The Doona is the only car seat that passes both the ECE R44/04 and the BSEN1888:2012 Pushchair stroller tests.
The Doona was safety tested by ADAC (The same safety standards and grades as other car seat brands all over the world)

Can I take a Doona on a plane?

Yes, you can take the Doona on the plane. The doona was designed for travel and is Aircraft approved. The doona was approved by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
Click here for the Aircraft approval guide.

How long can a baby be in a Doona?

There is no time limit on the doona but there is a weight limit on the doona. The weight limit is 13kg, that will be when your baby is between 12 to 15 months.
Doona recommends that you should use the doona from day one when your baby is born

Is Doona safe for newborns?

Yes, the doona is safe for your newborn and was ideally made for your precious baby from day one. Doona also recommends that you should use the doona from birth.


FAQs - Safety Features of the Doona

Awards – Doona

Doona™ Car Seat & Stroller - Classic Collection – Doona™ South Africa

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