Shipping Policy

  1. Processing:
    • All orders are processed as follows:
      • Transactions paid via EFT online, card in-store, or cash in-store will be processed after payment has reflected into our bank account. This process may take 24 – 36 working hours.
  2. Delivery:
    • You can expect to receive your item(s) within 1 – 3 business days after your order has been processed for local deliveries. Delivery to remote areas outside of Cape Town and Johannesburg may take up to 5 business days.

Please note:

  • We utilize external courier services (MK TRANS Couriers, The Courier Guy, Inter Town Transport Couriers) which are not affiliated with us.
  • Specific delivery/collection times cannot be guaranteed.
  • Couriers do not call or WhatsApp upon delivery and/or collection.
  • Deliveries/collections do not occur on weekends or public holidays.
  1. Economy Delivery via External Courier Companies:
    • This service is suitable for non-time-sensitive orders. Delivery times range between 36 to 120 hours based on The Courier Guy and Inter Town Transport Couriers' terms and conditions.
  2. Alternative Courier Services (Receiving a 2nd Quote):
    • Acceptance of a second quote from our sales representative may involve using courier services other than The Courier Guy, Inter Town Transport, or MK TRANS. The terms and conditions of the chosen courier will apply.
  3. Alternative Courier Services (Arranged by the Customer):
    • If you arrange your own courier to collect parcel(s) from our store, ensure you provide the necessary contact details for parcel release and a waybill. Parcel(s) will only be released upon payment confirmation in our account.
  4. Collection:
    • If you prefer to collect your package from our physical shop, please specify this on our:
      • Purchase form on our website
      • Rental contract sent via email
    • For a manual invoice, contact us via or call 021 851 7640.
  5. Shipment Confirmation:
    • You will receive an email confirmation once your order is approved, followed by a confirmation of shipment from our sales representative.
  6. Order Tracking:
    • If your package does not arrive within 5 business days, contact us at for delivery status updates.
  7. Returns:
    • You are responsible for return shipping costs. These costs are non-refundable. For more details, refer to our refund policy.
  8. Furniture Items:
    • Please note: We do not offer delivery for any furniture items (both for sale and rental). Furniture items must be collected from our shop at your own risk.
  9. Booking and Notification Responsibility:

Once we receive your rental e-form or manual rental contract, along with the selected delivery and collection method, and the contract has been paid, we automatically book it with our external courier companies. It is imperative that you notify us promptly of any changes to delivery or collection dates, timeslots, or locations.

Notification Responsibility: Failure to alert us of any changes may result in additional charges, such as double delivery and/or collection fees. This is because we pre-pay our external courier companies at the time of booking for rental or sale delivery and/or collection services.

Client Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that we have the correct and updated information regarding delivery and collection details.

Please see our refund policy for more information.