Sweet Serenity: Unraveling the Benefits of Bassinet Sleeping

5 June 2023
by Annelize Van Dyk

Discover the ultimate guide to a bassinet including tips for choosing the perfect one, ensuring safety for your baby and understanding the benefits. Find everything you need to know about bassinets for your little one's comfort and security.



As a parent, welcoming a new baby to the family comes as a joyful experience. However, it is essential to determine if you need to add a baby bassinet to your baby's nursery or sleeping space.

It is a great choice if you prefer to keep your newborn close to you while sleeping, and it also offers a cozy and safe environment for your little one.

Moreover, a baby bassinet provides a comfortable and secure place for your newborn to rest, especially during the first few months of life when babies need extra attention and sleep.

You can quickly and effortlessly observe and attend to your baby's needs, leading to better sleep for both of you.

Furthermore, it is portable, lightweight, and easy to move from one room to another, offering convenient solutions for parents who are always on the move with their young ones.

Overall, deciding to invest in a baby bassinet is a smart move for new parents who value their baby's comfort and safety.

It is essential to choose the best baby bassinet that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Follow this guide to explore the top baby bassinets and make an informed purchase for your little one.

What is a Bassinet?

A Bassinet is a cozy, small bed specifically designed for newborns and infants that provide a secure and comfortable sleeping area.

  • It is usually made from lightweight materials like wicker, wood, or plastic.
  • They are compact and take up lesser space than a full-size crib.
  • Bassinets offer a snug seating position which can help prevent the baby from suffocating or choking while sleeping.
  • They come with features like rocking or vibrations to soothe the baby.
  • May have removable covers, which makes it easy to clean them.

Additionally, many modern-day bassinets feature additional conveniences like canopy covers to block light or noise. They also come in various sizes, designs, and styles that fit perfectly with your interior decor.

If you are concerned about keeping your baby close by while avoiding the dangers of co-sleeping, a bassinet can be an excellent investment.

To ensure safety standards, parents must be cautious while picking the right bassinet for their babies and follow proper guidelines when using it.

5 Facts About Best Baby Bassinets

  • A bassinet is a sleep space designed for newborns and younger babies that's smaller than a crib and typically placed next to the bed.
  • A baby can sleep in it from day one until they're able to move around, push up on their hands or roll over, usually between about three months and five months old.
  • The decision to get a bassinet depends on personal preference, but it might be worth considering if you want convenience, need a portable nap solution, or are planning on having multiple children.
  • A bassinet can be a skip if room-sharing isn't for you, you're looking to save money, or minimalism is more your style.
  • Other alternatives include a full-size crib, a mini crib, and a playard, which is another great bassinet alternative that will last you well into toddlerhood.

The Benefits of Investing in a Baby Bassinet


One of the main advantages of using a bassinet is the convenience it offers. Bassinets are designed to be placed right next to your bed, allowing you easy access to your baby during the night.

This proximity makes it easier to attend to your baby's needs, such as feeding, comforting, or changing diapers, without having to physically get out of bed.

It can be particularly beneficial for breastfeeding mothers who want to minimize disruptions during nighttime feedings.

Additionally, many come with features such as rocking motions or soothing sounds that play lullabies that help soothe the baby, further reducing stress levels of the child and aiding their sleep patterns.

Improved Sleep for both Baby and Parents:

Having your baby within arm's reach in a bassinet can help promote better sleep for both the baby and the parents.

This can help establish a better sleep routine for your baby and prevent them from becoming overtired, which can lead to more sleep disturbances. Enables mothers to attend to their babies quickly at night.


Bassinets are generally lightweight and portable, making them ideal for parents who are constantly on the move.

Whether you're visiting friends or family, going on vacation, or simply moving it from room to room within your own home, the portability of a bassinet allows you to keep your baby in a familiar sleeping environment wherever you go.

You can keep your baby close to you during the day, whether you're working in your home office, doing household chores, or simply relaxing in the living room.

This flexibility allows you to always have your baby within sight, fostering a sense of closeness and providing peace of mind.


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Compared to full-size cribs, bassinets have a smaller footprint and take up less space. This can be particularly advantageous if you have a small living space or if you want your baby to sleep in your room temporarily.

It is designed to fit comfortably next to the bed, making them a space-efficient sleeping solution. Takes up less space than a full-size crib, making it easier to place in small bedrooms or apartments.

It can be used throughout the day as well, providing babies with a convenient nap spot while staying near parents.

Transition Aid:

Bassinets are intended for newborns and infants up to around six months of age. Using a bassinet during this period can make the transition to a crib easier when the time comes.

Babies feel more secure and cocooned in a smaller sleeping space, and gradually transitioning them to a larger crib can be a smoother process.

Transitional Sleeping Arrangement:

Bassinets can serve as a transitional sleeping arrangement for newborns who are not yet ready to sleep in a crib.

They provide a smaller, cozier space that mimics the womb environment and can help ease the transition from the bassinet to a crib later on.

This can be particularly beneficial for babies who have a hard time adjusting to a larger sleeping space initially.

Safe and Secure Sleeping Environment:

Designed with the safety and comfort of newborns in mind. They typically have breathable mesh sides, ensuring proper airflow and reducing the risk of suffocation.

The mattress is specifically designed for infants and is usually firm to provide optimal support. This creates a safe and secure sleeping environment for your baby.

Ease of Nighttime Feedings and Diaper Changes:

With a bassinet right next to your bed, you can quickly attend to your baby's needs without having to get out of bed or go to another room.

This can be especially beneficial for new mothers recovering from childbirth, as it minimizes physical strain and promotes better rest.

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Having your baby close increases feelings of safety and security, which can help them sleep better. Using a bassinet in place of co-sleeping helps keep them near while reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risks associated with co-sleeping.

Moreover, research shows that infants who sleep close to their mothers during the first months of life have more stable heart rates, respiratory rates, and temperature patterns.

This makes a bassinet perfect for those who wish to prioritize comfort and physiological regulation. You can now sleep soundly knowing your baby is only an arm's length away, unless you're a deep sleeper then all bets are off.

For parents seeking optimum convenience without sacrificing quality for their newborn's needs, a bassinet serves as an excellent option. Don't miss out on its benefits!

Read our blog

Disadvantageous of a Bassinet

A close friend of mine faced some problems with their bassinet due to its instability.

Despite buying an expensive model with claims of superior stability, she experienced issues while trying to soothe her newborn to sleep.

Unfortunately, a bassinet's lifespan is shorter than a fruit fly's, so enjoy it while you can!

Short Lifespan:

Bassinets are often chosen as an ideal initial sleeping option for babies because of their size and portability. However, a significant disadvantage of these cribs is their limited lifespan.

Babies can quickly outgrow bassinets within a few months, and parents may need to switch to a larger crib or sleep space earlier than anticipated.

The bassinet's small size that seemed perfect for a newborn can also become challenging when infants begin rolling over or sitting up, creating safety concerns.

Parents opting for a budget-friendly approach may want to consider the cost-to-use ratio before purchasing.

Since they can only be useful for a few months, investing in high-end luxury models can seem less economical with higher depreciation rates.

Additionally, if space is limited, it might not be practical to store another short-term baby item after the infant outgrows the bassinet.

An alternative solution could be converting full-size cribs into smaller-sized sleep spaces using portable dividers or several sleep settings

Alternatively, playards with converters or attachable bassinets offer multiple use options and longer durability periods than stand-alone products with short lifespans.

Your wallet may take a hit, but your baby's sleeping comfort is worth the splurge.


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The cost of a Bassinet might be a consideration for some parents.

While it is a valuable investment, it may not be financially accessible for everyone.

It is costly due to their specialized design and materials. In addition, if parents prefer high-end brands or exclusive models, the price can increase tremendously.

Alternatively, parents can look for budget-friendly options that provide the necessary features. They can also consider borrowing or purchasing gently used ones from friends or family members.

A Bassinet's higher cost may be reasonable depending on the parents' lifestyle and needs.

It is worth noting that the expense of a Bassinet should not compromise the child's safety and comfort. Therefore, selecting qualified brands and checking product safety standards is crucial.

There was one instance where a father invested in an expensive bassinet only to find out his infant had severe reflux and needed to sleep at an inclined angle.

The father had already bought all the accessories for the bassinet and couldn't return any of them since he had unboxed everything while assembling it.

He wished he had opted for a more adjustable design that accommodated his child's specific needs without spending so much money beforehand.

A Bassinet may be cute, but the extra gear to buy and store will make you want to crib.

More Gear to Buy and Store:

Buying and storing additional baby gear can be overwhelming for new parents. When it comes to choosing one, there are several factors to consider, including the added expenses and space required.

  • Bassinet mattresses need to be replaced often, resulting in more frequent purchases.
  • Add-ons such as sheets and pads can increase costs.
  • Additional storage may be needed for items such as extra bedding or a mobile attachment.
  • If the bassinet is not convertible, it may only be useful for a few months before needing to be replaced with a new sleeping arrangement.

Camp Cots with Bassinets

Camp cots with bassinets are innovative sleep solutions that combine the comfort of a cot with the convenience of a bassinet.

These versatile camping gear options are designed to provide a comfortable and safe sleeping space for infants and young children during outdoor adventures.

They offer a practical and portable alternative to traditional cribs or pack 'n plays, allowing families to enjoy camping trips, picnics, or other outdoor activities while ensuring their little ones have a secure place to rest.

In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and considerations associated with camp cots with bassinets.

Features and Design: Camp cots with bassinets are engineered with a specific focus on providing a safe and comfortable sleep environment for babies and young children.

Here are some common features you can expect to find:

Sturdy Cot Frame: The camp cot typically features a sturdy and durable frame made of aluminum or steel. This frame provides stability and support, allowing the cot to hold the weight of the child and the bassinet attachment.

Detachable Bassinet: The bassinet is typically a detachable component that can be easily affixed to or removed from the cot.

It is designed to provide a snug and secure sleeping space for infants. The bassinet often features mesh sides for ventilation and visibility.

Elevated Sleeping Surface: The bassinet attachment is positioned at an elevated height on the cot frame, keeping the child off the ground and away from any potential moisture or cold.

This elevation also makes it easier for parents to tend to their child without straining their backs.

Safety Features: Camp cots with bassinets prioritize safety. They often include features such as a sturdy and secure attachment mechanism for the bassinet, reinforced corners, and safety locks to prevent accidental folding or collapsing.

See our huge selection of upmarket pre-loved camp cots in stock:

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Sweet Serenity: Unraveling the Benefits of Bassinet Sleeping 22
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For more information on how to choose the right camp cot for your baby, have a look at The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Camp Cot.

Travel or Holiday Camp Cots with Bassinets

If you are planning to go on holiday, make sure you take a look at our weekly rental camp cots:

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Rent Monthly Nuna Sena Travel Cot & Bassinet:

  • Ensure baby sleeps comfortably wherever you go, with the Nuna SENA Travel Cot and bassinet. The revolutionary design works as a lower cot and an upper cot for when baby starts rolling over.
  • With an easy set-up and fold, plus handy travel bag, it's perfect for easy transporting.
  • With its easy set up, you can have it ready for bedtime in seconds then fold it down with one hand.

Rent our Luxury Camp Cots with Bassinets and Changing Stations!

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  • All of our luxury camp cots are equipped with bassinets and changing stations, providing convenience and versatility for parents on the go.
  • Some of our camp cots even come with additional features such as a hood, mobile, or crib, ensuring your baby's comfort and entertainment.
  • Our knowledgeable sales staff will allocate a camp cot for you, but if you have a specific preference, please feel free to email us directly.
  • Rest assured, all our camp cots fold up compactly, making them easy to handle and transport.
  • While a bassinet is not included by default, you can request one via email.
  • A bassinet is suitable for babies aged six months and younger, providing a cozy and secure sleeping space.
  • Is your little one outgrowing standard camp cots? No problem! We have extra length camp cots available for rent, providing ample space for your growing child.

Invest in a luxury camp cot today and make traveling with your child a breeze! Contact us to reserve your camp cot or to inquire about specific requirements.

For even more useful information on baby camp cots, read our fantastic blog: Dreamland Haven: Discover the Perfect Baby Cot for Your Baby

Mini Cribs VS Full Sized Cribs

FeaturesFull Size CribsMini Cribs
DesignDesigned to last longerCompact version of full-size cribs
SizeRequires more spaceTakes up less floor space
VersatilityCan be used as the baby grows into toddler/preschoolerSuitable for infants and younger babies
PortabilityLess portable due to larger sizeHighly portable and convenient
LifespanLonger lifespanShorter lifespan
CostHigher costLower cost
Sheet AvailabilityVariety of sizes available, potentially more costlySmaller size sheets, generally more affordable
Conversion KitsConversion kits available for transforming into daybeds or toddler bedsN/A
Safety StandardsMeets federal safety standardsMeets federal safety standards

Please note that the specific features and options may vary among different brands and models of full-size and mini cribs. It is important to review individual product specifications and consult with the manufacturer or retailer for accurate and up-to-date information.

Don't want to spend money on a bassinet? Rent our co-sleepers for the first 3 to 4 months and save all the way.

We stock co-sleepers as a rental product:

Rent Wooden Co-sleepers for 3 months

Our co-sleepers make the night feeds bearable for new mom's.

Open the side of the co-sleeper and place it next to your bed.

The 4 brakes make this product safe and secure.

The base is height adjustable and provides therefore an extension of your mattress.

If you have this hand product you will be able to do your 02h00 in the morning feed in your bed.

Don't switch any lights on and don't get out of bed. Just turn on your side and pull baby a few centimeters closer.

Not only will you fall asleep while feeding but baby won't figure out it may wet and needs a change.

Babies also tend to have less winds when they are physical bonding with mom in this way.

View in the video below all of our rental co-sleepers.

Read our blog about called Bonding and Bliss - Exploring the Advantages of a Co-Sleeper to help you in making the best co-sleeper decision.

Hospital Bath Bassinet Trolley - Rental

We rent out two different types of trolleys:

Hospital Graded Bath/Bassinet Trolley

  • Versatile Functionality: This product serves as both a bed and bath, providing convenience and practicality for parents.
  • Perspex/Acrylic Bath: The bath component is made from high-quality materials commonly used in private hospitals, creating a familiar and comfortable environment for the baby to sleep in.
  • Comfort for Parents: The bath trolley stand eliminates the need for uncomfortable bending over by the bath, offering relief for C-section moms or those who struggle with lifting heavy objects.
  • Mobility: The bath trolley is equipped with wheels, allowing for easy movement from one room to another, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Space-Saving Design: This product is compact, making it ideal for placing next to your bed, ensuring your baby is within close reach during the night.

Kariba Bath Trolley

  • Portable Bathing Solution: The Kariba bath offers a convenient bathing option that can be easily moved to your water source.
  • Collapsible Design: The bath is fully collapsible, allowing for effortless storage when not in use. It can also be conveniently packed into your car's boot when traveling.
  • Built-In Storage Shelf: With a handy shelf, the Kariba bath provides a practical storage solution for keeping clothes and nappies within easy reach during bath time.

Alternatives: Playard

A suitable baby enclosure for parents is Playard. It is a safe and controlled environment designed to secure and entertain babies.

Playard offers ample space for a newborn baby. It has mesh sides, allows ventilation and improves visibility of the child.

Most playpens feature adjustable mattresses to fit growing infants. It can be used as a crib or napping unit, changing station, or play area!

The portable design of the Playard makes it easier to travel with your little one.

Untitled design 3

While a Bassinet has a shorter lifespan, higher cost, and additional gear purchase requirements, Playards may be a preferable option for parents who prefer an affordable multifunctional product that will last longer.

With its versatile functions, support to a growing baby's needs while traveling or confined at home increases.

Pro Tip: Using bedding or soft material in the Playard environment could pose suffocation risks if not properly laid out.

Consider purchasing specific firm mattress support contours for tailored infant use.


New parents often wonder whether or not they need a bassinet for their newborn.

However, based on the reference data, it is highly recommended to have a baby bassinet.

This is because it creates a safe sleeping environment for the baby and allows parents to have their baby close by.

Baby bassinets serve many purposes beyond safe sleep and convenience.

They can also aid in reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and can help facilitate breastfeeding in the early weeks.

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Furthermore, they can be a great option for families who live in smaller spaces as they are more compact than a traditional crib.

A unique point to note is that some bassinets also come equipped with features such as soothing vibrations, music, and night lights to calm the baby.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, such features can help babies sleep better and longer.

It is a true fact that according to a study by the National Institutes of Health, infants who slept in a bassinet for the first few months of life had a lower risk of SIDS compared to those who slept in a crib.

Therefore, the importance of baby bassinets cannot be overstated.

We wrote a comprehensive guide that explains to you all the possible baby gear for sleeping that is on the market - click here: Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Sleeping Options


Do I Need A Bassinet?

It depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Bassinets are convenient for keeping your baby close and portable, but they have a short lifespan and can be expensive.

Alternatives, such as full-size cribs, mini cribs, and playards, can also be used as safe sleep spaces for your baby.

What is a baby bassinet?

It is a small sleep space designed for newborns and younger babies.

It is typically placed next to the parents' bed for easy access throughout the night and can also be portable to use for daytime napping.

How long can a baby sleep in a bassinet?

A baby can use it from day one until they are able to move around, push up on their hands, or roll over, usually between three and five months old.

Some may also have weight restrictions, so it's important to check the specific guidelines for your model.

What are some alternatives to a baby bassinet?

Full-size cribs, mini cribs, and playards are all good alternatives.
They can be used in the parents' room or in the baby's nursery and have a longer lifespan.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros of a baby bassinet include convenience, portability, a small footprint, and usefulness for both night and daytime naps.
Cons include a short lifespan, expense, and the need for additional storage space.

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