The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Camp Cot.

9 June 2023
by Annelize Van Dyk

Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where we celebrate the joy of parenthood and the precious moments that come with it.

Today, we're thrilled to dive into a topic that is near and dear to every parent's heart: baby camp cots.

These marvelous little havens have become a trusted companion for families who seek adventure while keeping their little ones comfortable and safe.

As a new parent, choosing the best baby camp cot for your little one can be an overwhelming task.

With so many options available in the market, it's easy to get confused and make the wrong choice.

But fear not, because we are here to help you make the best decision for your baby.


Camp Cot

As parents, we know that nothing compares to the pure bliss of watching our little angels sleep peacefully. The comfort and security they experience during their slumber are not only essential for their physical well-being but also for their emotional growth and development. That's why we are excited to share the wonders of baby camp cots, which make those magical moments even more special.

In this ultimate guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect baby camp cot.

From the different types of cots available to the features you should look out for, we've got you covered.

We know that the safety and comfort of your little one is your top priority, and that's why we've taken the time to research and compile this comprehensive guide.

So, whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, read on to find out how to choose the best baby camp cot for your little one.

What is a Camp Cot?

A baby camp cot, also referred to as a portable baby crib, is a specialized sleeping solution designed for infants and young children during outdoor activities, camping trips, or when away from home.

Imagine a tiny oasis nestled amidst the great outdoors, where the gentle breeze lulls your little one to sleep, accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature. Baby camp cots are designed to provide a familiar and secure sleeping environment for your precious bundle, wherever your family adventures take you.

BabyGO Travel Cot Sleeper Moonstars Beige Melange |

Whether you're planning a camping trip, a weekend getaway, or simply spending a day at the beach, these portable wonders ensure that your baby's comfort is never compromised.

Built with love and attention to detail, modern baby camp cots offer a plethora of features designed to make your life as a parent easier and your baby's restful moments truly delightful.

From sturdy construction to easy assembly, lightweight portability to cozy mattress padding, these cots are carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs of your little one.

With their soft, breathable fabrics and well-ventilated sides, they create a haven that promotes a safe and comfortable sleep environment.

Beyond the practicality they offer, baby camp cots also give you the gift of peace of mind.

As parents, we strive to ensure our children's safety at all times, and having a trusted sleep solution by our side allows us to embrace adventures without worry.

With secure locking mechanisms, robust frames, and thoughtfully designed interiors, these cots become a reliable sanctuary for your baby, even when you're far away from home.

If you want to use a camp cot instead of a cot, just take in consideration that the length of most camp cots will determine up until what age your infant can make use of it.

Play & Go Travel Cot - Essentials - Travel Cots & Bassinets - Products

Usually, a standard size camp cot will be suitable from birth until 12/15 months.

It provides a safe and comfortable sleeping space for babies, allowing parents to ensure their child's restful sleep even while on the go.

Baby camp cots typically feature a lightweight and fold-able frame made of materials like aluminum or plastic. The frame is designed to be sturdy and secure, capable of supporting the weight of a baby.

The sleeping surface is usually a soft and padded mattress covered with a fabric or mesh material, providing a comfortable and breathable space for the baby to sleep.

Safety is a crucial aspect of baby camp cots, and they often incorporate features like secure locking mechanisms, rounded edges, and breathable materials to provide a secure and cozy environment for the child.

Graco Graco Compact Travel Cot - Cots, Cot Beds & Furniture from pramcentre  UK

Some cots also come with additional features such as adjustable mattress heights, removable bassinets, and storage compartments for baby essentials.

The portable nature of baby camp cots allows parents to easily transport and set up a familiar and safe sleeping space for their baby while traveling, camping, or visiting friends and family.

It offers convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that the baby has a comfortable and secure place to rest, even in unfamiliar surroundings.

We also wrote a comprehensive guide that explains to you all the possible baby gear for sleeping that is on the market - click here: Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Sleeping Options

Types of Baby Camp Cots

There are three main types of baby camp cots: standard size, large size, co-sleeper and travel camp cot.

Each type has its own unique features and benefits.

Standard Camp Cot

Lilo II Camp Cot - Chelino

The size of a standard camp cot can vary slightly depending on the specific model and brand.

However, most standard camp cots tend to have dimensions that are approximately 30-32 inches (76-81 cm) in width and 75-80 inches (190-203 cm) in length.

The height of the cot can vary as well, typically ranging from 10 to 20 inches (25-51 cm). These dimensions provide a comfortable sleeping area for most babies and toddlers.

It's important to note that there may be variations in size among different manufacturers, so it's always a good idea to check the product specifications before making a purchase.

Large Camp Cot

Siesta II Grey & Black with Mattress - Chelino

A large camp cot is designed to provide extra space for comfort and maneuverability.

While the specific dimensions may vary among different brands and models, a typical large camp cot is generally around 35-40 inches (89-102 cm) in width and 80-85 inches (203-216 cm) in length.

The height of a large camp cot can range from 15 to 25 inches (38-64 cm).

The larger size of these cots allows for more room for the baby or toddler to stretch out and move around comfortably. It can be especially useful if you have a taller or older child who needs extra space for a restful sleep.

The larger dimensions also provide a bit more flexibility for parents to join their child for a cozy bedtime story or a moment of bonding.

It's worth noting that the size of a large camp cot can vary between brands and models, so it's always a good idea to check the specific dimensions provided by the manufacturer before purchasing to ensure it meets your requirements.

Co-sleeper Camp Cot


A co-sleeper camp cot, also known as a bedside bassinet or co-sleeping crib, is designed to be placed directly next to the parent's bed, allowing for easy access and proximity to the baby during the night.

The dimensions of a co-sleeper camp cot can vary depending on the specific model and brand.

However, a typical co-sleeper camp cot is approximately 34-40 inches (86-102 cm) in length, 20-25 inches (51-64 cm) in width, and 30-35 inches (76-89 cm) in height.

These dimensions are specifically designed to align the height of the co-sleeper with the height of the parent's bed, making it easier for parents to reach their baby without needing to get out of bed.

The width of the co-sleeper allows it to fit snugly against the side of the bed, creating a safe and secure sleeping space for the baby while maintaining close proximity to the parents.

It's important to note that the exact dimensions of a co-sleeper camp cot can vary between different models and brands. It's recommended to check the product specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure the co-sleeper is compatible with your bed and meets your specific needs.

Ever considered using alternative baby sleeping gear like co-sleepers? Read our great blog: Bonding and Bliss - Exploring the Advantages of a Co-Sleeper

Travel Camp Cot

A lightweight traveling camp cot, also known as a portable travel crib or travel cot, is designed to be compact and easily transportable, making it convenient for families on the go. The size of a lightweight traveling camp cot can vary, but they are generally smaller and more lightweight compared to standard or large camp cots.

Typically, a lightweight traveling camp cot has dimensions that are approximately 20-25 inches (51-64 cm) in width and 40-45 inches (102-114 cm) in length. The height can range from 10 to 15 inches (25-38 cm).

These dimensions allow for easy folding and storage in a travel bag or suitcase, making it convenient for traveling by car, plane, or other means of transportation.

The compact size of a lightweight traveling camp cot is designed to provide a snug and secure sleeping area for the baby or toddler while being easy to carry and set up in various locations. Despite their smaller size, they still provide a comfortable and safe sleeping space for the child.

It's important to note that the exact dimensions of a lightweight traveling camp cot can vary between different models and brands. It's recommended to check the product specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure the cot meets your specific size and weight requirements for travel.

The Nuna Sena Travel Cot & Bassinet is one of the newborn camp cots that is ideal to rent from us for the first 3 months.

The revolutionary design works as a lower cot and an upper cot for when baby starts rolling over. With an easy set-up and fold, plus handy travel bag, it's perfect for easy transporting.

If you're staying away, ensure your little one sleeps as comfortably as they would in their own bed with the Nuna SENA Travel Cot and bassinet. With its easy set up, you can have it ready for bedtime in seconds then fold it down with one hand.

The SENA Travel Cot has a revolutionary design that adapts to your growing child, adapting from a lower cot to an upper cot as your little one begins to roll over.

The sturdy aluminum frame offers robust support while the padded edges keep little fingers safe.

Considering using a bassinet for your baby's sleeping needs and comfort, read our fantastic blog: Sweet Serenity: Unraveling the Benefits of Bassinet Sleeping

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Camp Cot

When it comes to choosing the best, there are several factors that you should consider:

  • Safety

Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing a baby camp cot.

The cot should have no sharp edges, and the slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to prevent your baby from getting their head stuck between them.

Additionally, the cot should have a locking mechanism that keeps it stable and prevents it from collapsing accidentally.

  • Size

The size of the cot is also an important factor to consider. You need to make sure that the cot is big enough for your baby to sleep comfortably in, but not too big that they can roll around and get lost in the space.

  • Materials

The materials used to make the cot are also important. You want to make sure that the cot is made from non-toxic materials that won't harm your baby's health.

Additionally, the cot should be made from sturdy and durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Space-saving

All camp cots are easy to transport and fits into a bag, the size of a golf bag.

A lightweight and compact design can make transportation and storage easier. Additionally, make sure the size of the cot fits comfortably in your desired space.

  • Multi-functional

Here are some advantages of having a multi-functional camp cot:

  1. Space-saving: Multi-functional camp cots often come with additional features such as detachable bassinets, changing tables, or storage compartments. These added functionalities can help you save space by eliminating the need for separate furniture items in your baby's nursery or travel setup.
  2. Cost-effective: Investing in a multi-functional camp cot can be cost-effective compared to purchasing separate pieces of furniture or accessories. Instead of buying a separate bassinet, changing table, or storage solution, you can have all these features integrated into a single camp cot, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Convenience: Multi-functional camp cots provide convenience by offering multiple functionalities in one unit. This eliminates the need to move your baby from one piece of furniture to another, reducing disruptions and making caregiving tasks more efficient.
  4. Versatility: With a multi-functional camp cot, you have the flexibility to adapt the cot's configuration to suit your changing needs. For example, you can use the bassinet feature when your baby is younger and then transition to the full-sized cot as they grow. This versatility allows you to maximize the use of the cot throughout different stages of your child's development.
  5. Travel-friendly: Many multi-functional camp cots are designed to be portable and easy to transport. They often feature foldable frames, compact designs, and included carrying bags. This makes them ideal for travel or on-the-go situations, allowing you to bring all the necessary functionalities with you in a single, portable unit.
  6. Streamlined organization: Built-in storage compartments in multi-functional camp cots provide a designated space to store essential items like diapers, wipes, clothing, or toys. This helps keep everything organized and within reach, minimizing clutter and making it easier to care for your baby.
  7. Time-saving: Having all the necessary functionalities integrated into one camp cot saves you time and effort. You can perform diaper changes, provide a safe sleeping space, and store essentials all in one centralized location, making caregiving tasks more efficient and streamlined.

By choosing a multi-functional camp cot, you can enjoy the convenience, space-saving benefits, and versatility that come with having multiple functionalities integrated into a single piece of furniture. It provides a practical and efficient solution for your baby's needs, whether at home or on your family adventures.

For alternative sleeping baby gear, have a look at our fantastic blog: Dreamland Haven: Discover the Perfect Baby Cot for Your Baby

How to Set Up and Use a Baby Camp Cot Safely

Once you've chosen the perfect baby camp cot for your little one, it's important to set it up and use it safely. Here are some tips to help you do that.

  • Read the instructions

Before setting up the cot, read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand how to set it up properly.

  • Use a firm mattress

Make sure the mattress is firm and fits snugly into the cot. This will help to prevent your baby from getting trapped between the mattress and the sides of the cot.

  • Use a fitted sheet

Always use a fitted sheet that fits snugly around the mattress. This will help to prevent your baby from getting tangled up in loose bedding.

  • Keep the cot away from hazards

Make sure the cot is placed away from hazards such as windows, blinds, and cords. Your baby should also not be able to reach any objects that could be choking hazards.

How to open and close a camp cot in under 30 seconds

Additional Features to Look for in a Baby Cot

There are some additional features that you should look out for.

  • Adjustable height

An adjustable height feature allows you to raise or lower the mattress level of the cot. This is especially useful for parents who have back problems or who have had a C-section and need to avoid bending over too much.

  • Breathable mesh sides

Breathable mesh sides allow for better air circulation and help to prevent your baby from overheating. They also allow you to keep an eye on your baby while they're sleeping.

  • Storage

Some cots come with storage space underneath the cot or on the sides. This is a useful feature for parents who need extra space to store their baby's essentials.

Maintenance and Cleaning of a Baby Camp Cot

To ensure the longevity of your baby camp cot, it's important to maintain and clean it regularly. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Clean the cot with a damp cloth

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the cot regularly to remove any dirt or stains.

  • Disinfect the cot

Use a disinfectant spray or wipes that is non-toxic to disinfect the cot once a week.

  • Air out the cot

If possible, leave the cot in a well-ventilated area for a few hours each day to allow it to air out.

Rental Camp Cots

If you are expecting visitors or traveling with your little one, remember that you can rent from us.

We stock economy camp cots from R25 to R50 per day as well as luxury camp cots from R35 to R90 per day.

Extra length camp cots are available for our very tall babies, and we stock the small Infant camp cot, Nuna as described in our "Travel" paragraph.

New Camp Cots We Stock

Tiffany Lux II Co Sleeper (new)

The new Tiffany 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper makes nights easier for mom and baby as a co-sleeper and can be used at a regular Camp Cot too.

In this trendy black and grey colour, the Tiffany Co-Sleeper is the perfect addition to your baby’s room. The Camp Cot converts to a side by side sleeper and features a removable carry cot, change station, vibration, nightlight and music mobile and a dome mosquito net.


  • Co-sleeper with dropdown feature. Cot converts to a side by side sleeper.
  • Nappy changer
  • Removable Day Bed / Carry Cot with rocker feature
  • Dome Mosquito net
  • Vibration, nightlight and music
  • Hanging toys
  • One-hand locking mechanism
  • Travel/storage tote bag
  • Mosquito Net
  • 2 level bassinet

From birth to approximately 3 years.

– Can be used with a standard mattress – : 96 CM * 66 CM*

Mamakids Camp Cots

The Mamakids Dream-by-Me offers the best of both worlds as a combination camp cot and playpen, as well as a co-sleeper.

Prices in 2023 ranges from R1399 to R1999.

Instead of making the decision whether to co-sleep or not before baby is born, the Dream-by-Me allows you to decide what works for you as you go.

To transform from cot to co-sleeper, simply drop one side for easy access next to the bed to create a comforting space, while making middle-of-the-night feeds a breeze.  

The added safety belt feature allows you to keep the cot in place next to the bed without the worry of it moving apart during the night. And once your little one starts to feel more safe and secure, just pop up the side, and remove the infant bassinet to create a standard cot for up to 3 years.

Made using breathable mesh and a soft, minimalistic melange fabric, it fits right into the modern home. Plus, its lightweight portability makes it the perfect travel companion whilst its larger size and expanded features make it a fantastic all-round nursery cot.

Pre-loved Camp Cots we love to stock

Buying a beautiful well looked after secondhand camp cot make so much sense.

We prefer brands like Chelino, Joie and Graco campcots.

See below our range of Joie Commuter and Joie Change and Snooze Travel Camp cots.

Prices range between R1999 and R2499. Graco campcots (pic 1) ranges between R949 and R1399 each.

Browse our website and find used camp cots under the heading Secondhand Campcots.

camp cot
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Camp Cot. 60


In conclusion, baby camp cots are a must-have item for any new parent or caregiver. These versatile and practical sleeping solutions offer numerous benefits that make them an essential addition to your baby's nursery or travel gear.

Choosing the best baby camp cot for your little one can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

By considering factors such as safety, size, and materials, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect cot for your baby.

Remember to also look for additional features such as adjustable height, breathable mesh sides, and storage. Once you've chosen the perfect cot, make sure to set it up and use it safely, and maintain and clean it regularly to ensure its longevity.

Happy shopping!


What are the main features of a baby camp cot?

Baby camp cots typically feature a lightweight and foldable frame, a soft and padded sleeping surface, secure locking mechanisms, and breathable materials to ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.

How is a baby camp cot different from a regular crib?

Baby camp cots are designed to be portable and convenient for travel or outdoor use, while regular cribs are stationary and typically used in a permanent home setting.

Is it safe for babies to sleep in a baby camp cot?

Yes, baby camp cots are designed with safety in mind. They often meet or exceed safety standards, with features such as secure locking mechanisms, breathable materials, and rounded edges to provide a secure sleeping space for babies.

What age range is suitable for a cot?

Baby camp cots are typically suitable for newborns up to toddlers, depending on the weight and size restrictions specified by the manufacturer.

How portable are baby camp cots?

Baby camp cots are designed to be lightweight and easily collapsible. They can be folded or disassembled, allowing for convenient storage and transportation.

Can a baby camp cot be used as the primary sleeping space for a baby?

While baby camp cots can provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space for short-term use, they are generally not intended to replace a regular crib or bassinet as the primary sleeping area for a baby. It is recommended to use a proper crib or bassinet for long-term, everyday use.

Can a baby camp cot be used outdoors?

Yes, baby camp cots are specifically designed for outdoor use, including camping trips and other outdoor activities. They often feature sturdy frames and durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions.

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