As a mom and a business owner, I really, really struggled coping with the night feeds of both my children. Waking up every 3 hours to feed, was my ultimate challenge. I never had enough energy to get through my day and consequently my business started to suffer.

My story…

I would wake up, go to the nursery, pick my daughter up and sit down in my rocker to feed her. Lights were on and we were cold. Needless to say, that we struggled to fall asleep after the feeding session. Mikayla then also realised that she was wet and then I had to change her nappy and sometimes even all her clothing and so forth and so forth. A 30 – 45-minute feed became a 60 to 90-minute feed. The pure psychological effect of knowing that I have to wake up in 3 hours again, 3 hours that just became 2 hours, was HUGE!

After spending many hours of thinking of solutions, I finally came up with the idea of a co-sleeper on wheels. I needed to stay warm in my bed, no lights to wake us up, she needed to stay warm even when she had a wet nappy. I needed a solution and I found one!

I found the solution!

I designed the ultimate co-sleeper. It was perfect. It was an extension of my bed but next to my bed. No more getting up in the middle of the night for me or have her sleeping on top of my chest after a feed. We were going to get some serious rest!  What a change this meant to me! I felt like a human being again, got my personality back and had enough energy for my day and my business.

My co-sleeper has it all.  Four sides that can close so that I can use it as a crib on wheels during the day.  Four brakes so that even with dogs and toddlers, nobody can move it. Best of all it has an adjustable base and adjustable legs. It works with any bed! I then kitted my co-sleepers out with breathable small mattresses and specially cut fitted sheets. Done and dusted.

The only catch was that it was super expensive and I found she only used it for like 4 months. This is the reason why I decided to manufacture a few and then rather rent them to my clients. Now this is a cost saving idea!

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