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14 July 2022
Why Rent And Not Buy? Spend less & Save : 3 reasons why not buy

Renting baby equipment month to month is just the best thing since sliced bread. Just imagine having an extra pair of hands at home.

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13 July 2022
10 Activities to keep your toddler Busy: Save Time and Money

10 Activities to keep your child busy during bad weather or on holidays.

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4 July 2022
Bonding and Bliss - Exploring the Advantages of a Co-Sleeper

Introduction There's no experience quite like holding your precious little one in your arms, feeling their gentle breaths against your chest as you both drift into peaceful slumber. As parents, we strive to provide our babies with the utmost care and create a secure environment for them to thrive. One of the most intimate ways […]

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2 July 2022
Jogger Stroller: What Age Can a Baby Go In a Jogger?

The weather is great and you're ready to explore outside with baby ☀️ But how do you know if baby is ready to join you?

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10 June 2022
4 Simple Tips To Keep Baby's Skin Healthy

There's nothing worse than a crying and difficult baby due to irritated skin from diaper rash, eczema, and many other skin conditions.

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27 May 2022
How does our rentals work for first time parents?

Many first time parents are unsure why they cannot just buy items, after all, they just want the best of their baby. So why do we advocate renting? What's the big deal?

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27 May 2022
How Does Our Rentals Work (For Holiday Makers)?

Planning a family vacation to Cape Town?
Travel in style & comfort by RENTING BABY GEAR from us!

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29 September 2021
SAVE with our Holiday Baby Rentals: Stress-Free (2023)

We are the only baby shop that rents out free standing wooden cots. We supply the mattresses and sheets.

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9 April 2021

Reasons why Co-sleepers are a lifesaver. As a mom and a business owner, I really, really struggled to cope with the night feeds of both my children. Waking up every 3 hours to feed, was my ultimate challenge. I never had enough energy to get through my day and consequently, my business started to suffer. […]

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